Landscape Garden Nursery – Opening the doors with natives

Posted on January 30, 2012 in Feature

Photo credit: Louise DockerThe first plant range on offer from our new Landscape Garden Nursery to our customers , trades and garden lovers is mature native plants. You may have noticed and increased use of these around the parks and gardens, filling the shire owned roadside garden beds and used extensively by the building industry around their display homes.

For the past 10 years, Australian native plants have been the focus of huge amounts of research and development. Now a fabulous range of new native breeds is emerging, and many are truly stunning. Given the concerns that many have about sustainable plantings in a warming climate it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to the drought tolerant species of native Australian plants. A personal favorite of mine after spending many years in remote areas and most recently on an acre block filled with a myriad of natives, the display of flowers throughout the year was truly breathtaking as the landscape would alter simply in a show of new flowers to otherwise unassuming areas.

Natives are very efficient at sending their roots down to a more permanent water source, they are also good at extracting the small amounts of nutrients contained in our ancient soils. Natives should be planted into a well prepared hole with soils conditioner or compost, native fertiliser and – depending on the soils type – gypsum for clay soils, or a wetting agent for sandy soils commonly found in the greater Bunbury area.

It is also an experience of mine that natives do seem to appreciate a gentle prune after flowering ceases. The following years growth appears strong and flowering is more prolific. You will find that natives are also less reliant on fertilisers once established and attract an abundance of fauna to the garden including lizards, frogs, insects along with a range of native birds which in turn can assist with the control of pests.