Organic Mulch

When organic mulch and soil conditioners are applied to the soil, fungi and soil bacteria begin breaking down to organic matter into individual components thus releasing nutrients in the process.

Moisture and air temperature regulate this release as well as controlling the plant growth so the two go hand in hand.

Organic Mulch and soil conditioners are probably best described as ‘slow release fertilisers’.

The advantage of mulching garden beds is that a layer 50mm thick will protect them from wind erosion and evaporation in summer. In winter, mulches act as a temperature buffer maintaining soil warmth and promoting healthy growth in the colder months.

Soils Aint Soils Bunbury has a wide range of organic mulch to suit all uses.

Black Mulch

A blend of crushed pine slithers, crushed composted tree prunings & screened peat. A fine easy to spread mulch. This “all purpose” mulch is a popular product ideal for all garden and commercial applications. Protects soil and aids water retention.

Enviro Mulch

A blend of crushed composted tree prunings. An earthy-brown garden mulch with a ‘open’ texture. Particularly suitable for commercial applications and native gardens .

Karri and Peat Mulch

A blend of crushed karri bark and screened peat. A superior 100% organic mulch, restricts weeds and aids water retention. Used in herb/rose and general garden areas.

Pinebark Mulch

A natural brown mulch that holds its colour an ideal mulch for that forrest floor effect in your garden.

Woodchip Mulch

-Woodland Red

– Woodland Brown

Brown and red dyed woodchip mulches take on a vibrant, colourful appearance that improves the visual appeal of the entire area by adding consistently coloured, contrasting or complementing shades of ground cover.

Colour enhanced mulches provide many of the same benefits as regular bark mulches. They allow rainwater to get to the soil below, while helping to prevent water loss due to evaporation during dry weather. In addition, colour enhanced mulches deter weed growth and benefit the plants root system by helping to maintain a moderate soil temperature.

Safe for use around the home – independant laboratory tests have confirmed that colour enhanced mulches present no more concern for children or pets than regular mulches. See in store for colour care guidelines.


Please give us a call or come in and and see us for all your mulching requirements.